e-mini & micro e-mini S&P 500 futures

The most Liquid and Actively Traded world-wide, by Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). ES and MES are traded electronically over 22 hours per day, 5 days a week. ES and MES track S&P stock market index and exchange traded fund SPY which is tied to market movers such as the financial, technology, healthcare and other major sectors. Learn the charts and trade long, short or sideways during any economic environment.

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ETF - es trading formula

Simplified trading course with over 60 Strategies & 30 Chart set-ups with videos, takeaways and more to help with technical trading.

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    General Understanding

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    Basics to Know

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    ETF Charts

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    ETF Strategies

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ETF (ES Trading Formula)

E-mini S&P Trading Course

ES Trading Formula (ETF) is an educational course that was developed to help notify and educate people about the very lucrative ES Trading Business opportunity that’s been around for many years but not many know about. ETF was founded after 17 years trading experience consisting of many events including the financial knife markets and the bounce back involving many economic environments and policies. Over this time the founder also received proprietary trading and fund management position offers. ETF teaches students to become trader-technicians with the ability to understand what the markets are communicating at any given time for quick reading, interpretation and decision making to either act or exercise patience. ETF also teaches students about the e-mini (ES) and micro e-mini (MES) futures contracts which are very liquid, diversified and could be traded with a very small account size, thus better risk-reward positioning. ES and MES liquidity and movements also help with the application of zero-loss strategy which is covered in this ETF course.

Pros & Tips!

Good traders understand the value of these techniques. ETF is a simplified good trading course if you want to learn how to read charts and technically trade ES and MES with just a few thousand dollars. Traders can also trade stocks, exchange traded funds and pretty much anything that has a chart. Register for a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT!

  • Trade ES & MES with just a few thousand dollars in your own account.

  • Be patient and focused on higher statistical opportunities.

  • Listen to the charts and shut the noise.

  • Use few key indicators for higher focus.

  • Be decisive and stick to strategies.

  • Leave ego at the door.

  • Use logic instead of temptation.

  • Control overconfidence and lack of confidence.

  • Maintain edge with practice and passion.

  • Manage risk.

Bonus materials

All-in-one simplified course

  • Over 60 Strategies

    Over 60 simplified strategies to advance your edge and serve as synopsis for reference to help with your decision making.

  • Over 30 Chart Set-ups

    Over 30 simplified chart set-ups to enhance your overall learning experience and to serve as a go-to guide when dealing with live market conditions.

  • Decision Making Techniques

    Techniques for prompt decision making and logical moves versus temptation, frustration and over-trading which are downfalls for many traders.

ETF - es trading formula

Simplified trading course with over 60 Strategies & 30 Chart set-ups with videos, takeaways and more to help with technical trading.


  • 1. What is ETF?

    ES Trading Formula (ETF) is an educational course developed to teach people how to technically trade futures contracts and stocks.

  • 2. What are ES and MES futures contracts?

    ES is the symbol for e-mini S&P futures contract that tracks S&P stock market index. MES is the new Micro e-mini futures contracts which are smaller versions of the ES.

  • 3. What size account is needed to trade ES/MES?

    Brokerages have their own minimum requirements. In general, most require traders to have just a few thousand dollars.

  • 5. How simplified is this ETF course?

    This ETF course simplifies the process from A to Z from basic understanding to opening demo accounts and going live. The course consists of 7 Chapters with over 30 chart setups and 60 trading strategies.

  • 6. Is this course helpful for trading other products?

    Yes. While the focus is mainly on trading ES (e-mini S&P) and MES (Micro e-mini S&P) futures contracts, these techniques may be used on pretty much any security instrument (“product”) that has a chart, including products on other exchanges around the world.

  • 7. What to expect upon completion of this course?

    Upon completion of this course and some practice you may soon get to a point to be able to take a glimpse at the charts and trade successfully. You will learn about exercising patience, listening to charts, remaining focused, being open minded, being flexible, being decisive, dropping ego, controlling temptation, maintaining edge, practicing, applying written strategies and journals, as well as risk management and self-maintenance.

  • 8. Where could I get more information on e-mini S&P ("ES") and Micro e-mini S&P ("MES")?

    You may visit www.cmegroup.com or simply google any of these names and get a world of information.

  • 9. Are there risks?

    Undisciplined traders without strategies and follow through to execute on their plans and contingency plans could expose themselves to losses. However, disciplined traders who have strategies in place and stick to their rules are the successful ones. This is in many ways the same for any type of business.

ES (e-mini S&P) Trading Formula (ETF)

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